VetPro is the best and most reliable patient warming system for veterinary use. The VetPro blower unit is easy to use, quite, and heats up fast. The blower can be mounted on the floor, table or IV Pole, and can warm directly to a kennel or cage with the optional Kennel Connector.

VetPro blankets are available is 18 configurations. VetPro “washable blankets” are available in Small, Medium and Large; they are intended for general purpose warming, and can be machine washed as often as needed. VetPro “standard blankets” are single-patient-use designs made from durable exam gown materials. Standard blankets are available in 15 configurations; including Dental, Soft-tissue, Extremity, Tube, and Over/Under designs. While VetPro standard blankets are not intended for reuse, it is common practice for many of our customers to clean them with a towel or rinse them off and dry them by running them on the blower (it happens).

VetPro warming blankets, reusable and single-patient-use, are covered or may be covered by one or more patents awarded to Adroit; those include US Patents 6,689, 155; 6,699,270; 6,709,447; 6,827,729; 6,994,720; 7,022, 130; 7,066,949; 7,291, 163; and or additional pending patents.

VetPro meets or exceeds the following: Standard for Medical electrical equipment – Part 1: General requirements for basic safety and essential performance ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1:2005 + A1:2012 + C1:2009 and A2:2010, CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 60601-1:14

The following is a list of VetPro model numbers and descriptions:

VP-724 Large Washable
VP-723 Medium Washable
VP-722 Small Washable

VP-413 Medium Tube
VP-412 Small Tube

VP-603 Medium Dental
VP-602 Small Dental

VP-314 Large Over-Under
VP-313 Medium Over-Under
VP-312 Small Over-Under

VP-204 Large Soft-Tissue
VP-203 Medium Soft-Tissue
VP-202 Small Soft-Tissue
VP-201 X-Small Soft-Tissue

VP-104 Large Extremity
VP-103 Medium Extremity
VP-102 Small Extremity

VP-502 Warming Basket

Equipment and Accessories

VP-110 OR Blower, UL Approved
VP-006 Kennel Connector
VP-007 Kennel Straps not shown
VP-008 Kennel Foam not shown
VP-010 Standard Air Filter
VP-011 HEPA Air Filter
VP-012 Blower Hose 6ft
VP-013 Kennel Hose 3ft
VP-014 Hose Hook
VP-016 Hose Grip
VP-018 Cart with Basket
VP-020 Kick Stand

Additional VetPro warming products include Heat Reflective products as follows:

VP-835 X-Large Reflective Leggings, pair
VP-834 Large Reflective Leggings, pair
VP-833 Medium Reflective Leggings, pair
VP-832 Small Reflective Leggings, pair
VP-831 X-Small Reflective Leggings, pair
VP-824 Reflective Nest
VP-825 Reflective Animal Wrap

Veterinary – Warming System VP-110