Convective air warming blankets are used in an estimated 35 million surgical procedures annually, and the market is valued at over $100 million in the United States alone.

The most popular warming blankets are the “Upper Body” and “Lower Body” designs which are used to keep patients “normothermic” (36°C to 38°C) during surgery. Other blankets include “Full Body” and “Underbody” designs used to warm patients before, during and after surgery. Adroit’s patented convective-air warming blankets include over 40 standard configurations.

Convective air warming was introduced in the mid-1980s and quickly came to prominence for its convenience compared to water-circulating mattress pads. Several research studies demonstrated that convective air warming improved patient outcomes, lowered infection rates and lowered overall procedure costs. Adroit pioneered and patented key advancements in warm air technology with its introduction of air filtering at the patient. With Adroit’s blankets there are no air holes to allow unseen particles to blow onto the patient. Adroit’s “Warming Tube” designs surround the patient with warmth while leaving complete access and visibility to monitor respiration, dressings, drains and IV tubes.

Adroit’s popular “OR-110 Blower Unit” is recognized for its attractive design, ease of use, and quite operation; it is also the only blower unit available with a true HEPA filter classification.

A partial list of Adroit blankets include the following model numbers:

A522 Upper Body
A525 Lower Body
A300 Full Body
A555 Underbody, Infant
A315 Multi-Access
A635 Full Underbody, Full Access
A550 Underbody, Pediatric
A545 Full Underbody
A560 Cath Lab
A530 Pediatric Tube
A310 Full Body, Pediatric
A610 Multi-Access Surgical
A542 Torso 2-Port
A570 Surgical Access
A540 Torso
A645 Cardiac Access

A220 Adult
A220R Adult, Reflective
A230 Pediatric
A230R Pediatric, Reflective
A240R Neonatal, Reflective
A250 Lower Body
A250R Lower Body, Reflective
A260 Upper Body
A260R Upper Body, Reflective
A265 Half-Upper Body
A265R Half-Upper Body, Reflective
A270 Torso
A280 Full Surgical Sterile
A285 Lower Surgical Sterile
A286 Cardiac Access with Hose Sterile
A290 Full Surgical Non-Sterile
A400 Full Underbody
A450R Underbody
A510 Tube

The Adroit Blower and accessories are as follows:

OR110 Blower
OR011 Replacement HEPA Air Filter
OR012 Replacement 6’ Hose
OR014 Hose Hanger
OR018 Blower Cart

Warming System OR110

Warming System OR110 Cart