“Patient Powered” ThermalX heat reflective blankets and apparel are economical and eco-friendly alternatives to electrically powered warming systems and used for warming before, during and after surgery, as well as, emergency rescue. ThermalX can also be used in conjunction with other warming systems to augment SCIP-Inf-10 protocols.

The heat reflective material naturally preserves body temperature and prevents convective heat loss and is suitable for all types of surgery. Safe for use with X-ray equipment, but not MRI Machines.

ThermalX is latex free, nonconductive, radio-translucent and safe in conjunction with laser surgery.

ThermalX can prevent patient heat loss during transport, as well as, in the OR and PACU.

Available in blankets, caps, leggings, mittens, booties, and kits.

Human - Reflective Warming Warming - ThermalX-12


221 Neonatal Cap

231 Infant Cap

241 Child Cap

261  Adult Cap


141 Small Blanket 35×39 Inches

151 Medium Blanket 48×48 Inches

161 Large Blanket 48×84 Inches

951 Kit

151 Medium Blanket 48×48 Inches

261 Adult Cap

751 Adjustable Legging (Pair)

961 Kit

161 Large Blanket 48×84 Inches

261 Adult Cap

651 Foot Warmers

351 Jacket Medium

361 Jacket Large

101 Papoose

441 Small Pulse Oximetry Mitt

451 Medium Pulse Oximetry Mitt

461 Large Pulse Oximetry Mitt

751 Adjustable Leg Warmers