Our popular HTP-1500 Heat Therapy pump comes with a limited lifetime warranty for hospital customers who purchase Adroit Soft-Temp blankets and pads on a regular basis. The HTP-1500 is the most widely used heat therapy pump is US hospitals and a Top Seller with Veterinarians, Animal Clinics and Research Centers. The HTP-1500’s ergonomic design, ease of use and rugged construction make in the ideal choice for everyday use at busy hospitals and veterinary clinics. The HTP-1500 is the only heat therapy pump that uses tap water! In other words, you do not have to fill it with distilled water to keep your warranty!

All HTP-1500 come with our fantastic 1-year warranty. If a problem comes up in that first year, we will repair the unit for free! (excludes shipping cost and export fees).

The HTP-1500 is extremely accurate and can be calibrated to within ½ degree Fahrenheit (recommended calibration procedure for qualified biomed technicians only). Introduced in 1998, the HTP-1500 has a proven track record for reliability and durability!

The HTP-1500 is sold by all major hospital and veterinary distributors or may be purchased directly from Adroit Medical! Call us today at 865-458-8600 or 800-267-6077.

Popular SoftTemp Pads recommended for use with the HTP-1500 include the following:

Hospital (soft single-use pads, biodegradable)

ST-030 Pediatric Blanket 24” x 30” (all dimensions are filled)

ST-024 Large Pad 18” x 24”

ST-020 Medium Pad 14” x 20”

ST-017 Small Pad 12” x 17”

ST-003 Neck Collar 4” x 19” approximate

Home Care (recommended for home use)

ST-224 Large Pad 18” x 24”

ST-220 Medium Pad 14” x 20”

ST-217 Small Pad 12” x 17”

Veterinarian (Heavy duty, can be cleaned and patched) 

V057 X-Large Pad 20” x 57”

V044 Large Pad 20” x 44”

V029 Medium Pad 20” x 29”

V016 Small Pad 20” x 16”