SoftTemp warming blankets are water-circulating mattress pads that deliver highly accurate temperature to the OR Table or patient bedding. They are commonly used to warm and or cool patients and were for many years regarded as the “Gold Standard” for patient warming. Also known as “hypo-hyperthermia blankets”, Adroit’s president Mr. Gene Gammons, invented the first disposable water-circulating mattress pads in the mid-1970s. The brand name was “DuoTherm” and they were sold to hospitals exclusively by the world’s largest medical supply company American Hospital Supply Corporation (Cardinal Health). The DuoTherm brand has since been retired and replaced with Adroit’s superior design called SoftTemp.

SoftTemp is made of flexible materials. They are single-patient use blankets are soft to the touch and conform very well to irregular shapes. They are lightweight and remain soft at low temperatures. Water flow will not pinch-off even if the pads are folded. The unique pinwheel pattern directs water in hundreds of directions to ensure good performance. SoftTemp will not make or leave indentations on the skin. Our clever pin-wheel design ensures unrestricted water flow and an even dispersion of the patient weight; thus reducing the likelihood of irritations at boney prominences. The internal pressures of our blankets and pads are also very low (usually 3 to 5 psi). The unique design and soft materials allow our blankets to contour easily to irregular surfaces and literally drape over a patient’s body. SoftTemp blankets are also latex free and safe to use in direct contact with the patient’s skin. Gel mats may be used, but we don’t recommend putting them between the patient and the blanket as it could hamper heat-transfer.

SoftTemp blankets and pads are intended for use by or on the order of a physician. Applications may include; prevention of inadvertent hypothermia in the surgical patient, re warming patients after surgery, fever reduction and therapeutic hypothermia. Heat therapy pads are used to treat common pain disorders, including low back pain, pain from arthritis, trauma, muscle strain, wrist pain, and menstrual cramping. Continuous low level heat therapy (approx. 104°F / 40°C) is clinically proven to alleviate pain, relax muscles and increase tissue blood flow. Both independent research and the FDA/CPSC recommend water-circulating systems over electric heating pads for consistent heating and better patient safety.

SoftTemp heat therapy pads are so nice patients have called us from the hospital to ask “Where can I get these?” It’s true, effective heat therapy is a good source of pain relief without side effects!

SoftTemp most popular models and descriptions are as follows (all dimensions are “filled”):

ST-060 Adult blanket, fabric covering, 24” x 60
ST-030 Pediatric blanket, fabric covering, 24” x 30”
ST-024 Large pad, fabric covering, 18” x 24”
ST-020 Medium pad, fabric covering, 14” x 20”
ST-017 Small pad, fabric covering, 12” x 17”
ST-003 Neck collar, fabric covering, 4” x 19”

Device Advise: As with any medical device, hypo-hyperthermia blankets and heat therapy pads should be used within the parameter of clinical judgment. Avoid fluids gathering beneath the patient and check skin condition frequently. Patients at greatest risk are those unconscious, with poor circulation, or pre-existing skin conditions.


Our popular HTP-1500 Heat Therapy pump comes with a limited lifetime warranty for hospital customers who purchase Adroit Soft-Temp blankets and pads on a regular basis. The HTP-1500 is the most widely used heat therapy pump is US hospitals and a Top Seller with Veterinarians, Animal Clinics and Research Centers. The HTP-1500’s ergonomic design, ease of use and rugged construction make in the ideal choice for everyday use at busy hospitals and veterinary clinics. The HTP-1500 is the only heat therapy pump that uses tap water! In other words, you do not have to fill it with distilled water to keep your warranty!

All HTP-1500 come with our fantastic 1-year warranty. If a problem comes up in that first year, we will repair the unit for free! (excludes shipping cost and export fees).

The HTP-1500 is extremely accurate and can be calibrated to within ½ degree Fahrenheit (recommended calibration procedure for qualified biomed technicians only). Introduced in 1998, the HTP-1500 has a proven track record for reliability and durability!

HTP-1500 – Pump Stand with Cradle


HTP-1500 with Hose & Pad