Gene Gammons, our founder, started his career path developing a disposable blood and urine collection system for a chemist with Eli Lilly. His success led him to invent a sterile hypo-hyperthermia water blanket, in the 1970’s, that was designed to safely return post-surgical patient’s temperature to normal, increase blood flow and promote healing. For years, Gene was the sole producer of the hypo-hyperthermia water blanket. “It was the first in the country, the first in the world” Gene says. When the patent expired in 1991, he was able to start Adroit Medical.

Adroit was born on a pool table in 1991, in the basement of his home in Morganton, NC . His passion for boating was just the inspiration he needed to move the business to Loudon, TN just a year later. In 1992, he purchased a 20,000 sq ft. facility and doubled its size four years later. In 2003, a second facility was added.

Gene’s inventions and products are used in virtually every hospital in the United States and many other countries. Today, his patents and patents to which he contributed, total more than 50. He continues to be sought regularly to create new products for industries.

Adroit specializes in Class I and Class II medical devices to include: slush drapes, instrument covers, patient warming systems, cold therapy and heat therapy systems and garments.

a-droit adj. Skillful: active in the use of the hand and figuratively, in the exercise of the mind: ingenious: ready in the invention. Syn. – expert, artful, clever, dexterous, proficient.

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