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I have just turned 64. I was having extreme problems as a result of some disc problems until I heard of your product. My doctor told me the HTP-1500 would be very, very beneficial to me.

-Doug H.

What all can I say about this wonderful product? Well, first of all I love it! It really distributes the heat throughout the pad and makes for a very enjoyable experience. I had upper shoulder pain and lower back pain. I had to have a spinal fusion and still have a lot of pain in my lower back even after the surgery. This product helps alleviate the pain and most days after I use this pad I don't have to take muscle relaxers and pain killers.

Before my back surgery I had severe numbness in my right leg and that still occurs from time to time, it flared up again after I got this heating pad system and I wrapped the pad around my leg and it's been better since. Something about the liquid heat makes a difference as I have used non-liquid heating pads in the past and was greatly disappointed as you could not control the temperature except set it on high, medium and low. With this system you control the exact degree of heat and that really makes a difference. I could go on and on about how great this product is, I suggest that you buy one for yourself and feel the difference.

-Loretta W.

I love this heating unit. It seems to be the only type of heat that actually helps with my pain for some reason, and I never have to worry about being burnt either. It's just excellent, in my opinion. I have been telling all my family and friends about it. Anyway... Take care and thank you from my heart.

-Barb B.

I have degenerative disks in my lower back. The HTP-1500 is my most valuable possession, prior to receiving the HTP-1500 my pain was so severe I would take pain medications and a muscle relaxing pills. The HTP-1500 has helped me decrease the amount of pain pills I take.

- John M

We just want to let you know that your HTP-1500 pump has worked nicely on our various aches. We have tried other systems, but they did not provide the relief we get from yours.

My wife's lower back pain, caused by arthritis, has been getting relief. We have recommended the HTP-1500 to other people.

Thank you,
- A.W.

I am writing in regards of one of your products. I recently severely strained my lower back playing the sport I love, basketball. I played Division III Basketball for a local college and continue to play in competitive leagues without incident until recently. After the strain two weeks ago I was unable to stand or even sit comfortably. I was told by my Doctor to stop playing basketball all together. I was very depressed with the thought of never playing hoops again drove me crazy.

Then I was offered a trial use of one of your heat pumps (HTP1500). I have to say this is one of the best rehabilitation products I've ever used. With the source of my pain being muscular, this heat pump penetrated deeper than any heating pad could ever. It gave off a consistent heat source and melted the pain away. Within just a couple of days I could immediately tell the difference it was making. With regular stretching and daily use of your heat pump I am back in the game and feeling great. More people with lower back pain should know about this product.

Thanks a million!
-Tim B.

This is so wonderful I have told many of my friends about the pump and how it has helped me so much. I was in an auto accident 11-12 years ago and during this time I have been involved with several therapy sessions because of chronic pain. With the use of the heat therapy pump [HTP-1500] I am now able to sleep at night where I hadn't been able to since the accident.

-Penny G.

I am now able to receive a full night of sleep since receiving the unit. Prior to having the HTP-1500 I was waking several hours during the night from pain and using the bath tub with hot water as a form of pain relief. I would recommend the HTP-1500 to everyone.

- Paul S.

*Testimonials are edited for content and clarity.