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At Adroit Medical, we're very proud of the fact that customers often speak highly of how our products help them to feel better and to live better. Here are just a few of the thank-you notes we have received: My friend was in the emergency room Sunday with his mom doubled over in pain. She has a degenerative disc and it has really taken her breath away with pain. She has not slept for more than 2 hours in a row for months. She is scheduled for major disc surgery in August. He never said anything to me about it until Monday. He missed our hockey game Sunday night while in the hospital with his mom. He came straight over Monday morning for a [HTP-1500] pump for her. He said she slept so well Monday night that she called him and described the pump as "Heaven". He and his mom are so pleased, and just flat out relieved. Yesterday she was up out of her chair out in the yard for the first time all summer. It is working that well for her.

- Dave C.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you so much for the HTP-1500. I have had fibromyalgia for a very long time and I won't take the medications, so this has provided me with pain relief I never knew was possible. With this HTP-1500 system you have blessed our lives and for that we are truly thankful.

- Don & Angela L.

Thank you for developing the HTP-1500. I wanted to let you know that it has been a SPECTACULAR GOD SEND to me. I use it day and night and just wanted to express my gratitude for giving me some pain relief.

-John M., Dallas, TX

I'm a hospice social worker and I have patients who LOVE this [HTP-1500] product when they have used of it at our inpatient hospice center. How can I locate one for their use at home?

-Marcia E. CSW

Sr. Luanne received a continuous-flow heating pad (like an aqua pad, but better!). Sr. Luanne loves it!, and it has really helped her backaches. I had been 'running it' for her only during my visits until the staff got the official permission (aka an MD order). That finally came on Monday morning. Now Luanne is able to continue using [the HTP-1500] when I'm not there. The only pain med she is taking is Tylenol.

- Family Nurse

I cannot thank you enough for sending that [HTP-1500] pump to me, my dad has been using it since Thursday, even sleeping on it, and has seen dramatic improvement. He told me to thank you. I consider this a personal favor, and I owe you one.

-Thank you,
Dave C.

Ms. Leo is a patient of mine. She has been seen in clinic regarding chronic degenerative joint disease on multi-levels including cervical, thoracic and lumbar levels. She has chronic pain which is only partially controlled with anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant medications. In the course of treatment, she found great relief from the [HTP-1500] heating pad. I request your kind support in helping her to acquire large pads so that she could use them on multiple levels at the same time. This seems to be very effective therapy for her.

-Dr. Smirnoff, MD

I love my heat pump. It helps me with my emphysema. It loosens congestion so I can cough it up.

-Henrietta L.

Dear Mr. Gammons,

I want to tell you how your heat therapy product has helped me. I have been using the Adroit HTP-1500 heat therapy pump since October 2002 along with your water circulating pads. It has been wonderful. I am 89 years old and suffer with osteoporosis and backpain. I have used this heat therapy pump and pad almost every night. It helps me sleep more comfortably and with less pain. There are times I will use it during the day as well. I like it so much I have mentioned it to my doctors and physical therapist. I recommend it highly.

-Wilma E.

*Testimonials are edited for content and clarity.