Adroit Medical’s MobileICE portable cooler is available in two sizes, 12 and 18 liter. MobileICE is the best portable cooler on the market and is recognizes for its superior construction, strong water flow and long ice life. MobileICE is identical to the popular race-car CoolShirt cooler that Adroit manufacturer’s exclusively for Like it’s race-car cousin, MobileICE is built to withstand everyday use in extreme environments, whether it be at the race track on a movie set in the desert!

MobileICE Pads and Wraps are the most efficient cold therapy available. Mobile ICE pads come in an extensive variety of designs, including, kneepads, shoulder pads, head wraps, flat pads, etc.

Popular MobileICE Pads include the following:

ST-012 Kneepad

ST-212 Shoulder Pad with Straps

ST-050 Head Wrap

ST-010 Hand Pad

ST-019 Ankle Wrap

ST-004 Neck Collar