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HTP-1500 Brochure
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HTP-1500 Veterinary Brochure

The HTP-1500 is the safest and most accurate localized heat therapy system available. Its bright and easy-to-read display provides continuous real-time temperature readings. The digital controller uses proprietary software to manage your prescribed set-point temperature to within one-degree Fahrenheit (1.0°F)!* Three temperature safety limits guard against the possibility of overheating and the Hi Limit Switches can be tested without taking the unit apart! The HTP-1500 is also Mercury Free! It uses Tap Water and comes with a limited Lifetime Warranty!* Three standard sizes of heat therapy pads are available. Accessories include a rolling stand, bed bracket and temperature/flow rate tester.

Benefits and Reasons for Continuous Low Level Heat Therapy


FDA approved for use continuous with an unconscious patient. Unlike electric heating pads, the HTP-1500 can be sat on, slept on, and used continuously without fear of electric shock, burn or fire. The FDA advises against the use of electric heating pads and recommends water-circulating heat therapy systems like the HTP-1500 instead.1,2


UL approved for use in the presence of oxygen and medical equipment. Unlike electric heating pads3,4 the HTP-1500 is approved for use in an Operating Room. This means it can be used in the presence of gases such as oxygen. Also, the HTP-1500 is electrically shielded and will not interfere with other medical equipment that may be present.


FDA approved for use with diabetic patients. Unlike electric heating pads, the HTP-1500 can be used safely with diabetic patients. Diabetic patients should never use an electric heating pad because there is a risk of shock, burns or fire.5,6 Diabetic patients may use the HTP-1500 because it uses temperature controlled water through a flexible pad that cannot shock, burn or cause a fire. The HTP- 1500 has been sold to hospitals since 1998 and has never been associated with a skin injury. Controlled water temperature therapy is safe and effective for diabetics.7,8

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Additional Heat Therapy Benefits


"The 3 most commonly used interventions were nonmedicinal; rest, heat, and distraction." 1

"...heat pads also aid in a fibro massage. These are applied after the massage and help settle the muscles down while relaxing the nerve endings." 2

Pain Disorders

"This research also shows that only low levels of continuous topical heat (approximately 40°C or 104°F) are needed to increase deep tissue temperature and blood flow. Heat transfer is directly related to the temperature gradient, the surface area covered, and the duration of application. Low-level heat from nonelectric heating pads appears to provide better safety than electric heating pads." 3

Limited Cancer Applications

"DESCRIPTION: Local hyperthermia involves the use of heat to make tumors more susceptible to cancer therapy measures. POLICY: (A) Local hyperthermia is covered when used in connection with radiation therapy for the treatment of primary or metastatic cutaneous or subcutaneous superficial malignancies." 4,5

"Pain-relieving medications. To relieve pain during a sickle crisis, your doctor may advise over-the-counter pain relievers and application of warm heat to the affected area." 6

"Non drug treatments: ...Physical therapists can use gentle exercises and heat and cold treatments to help with sickle cell disease pain." 7

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